Jinjae Lee is an Interaction Designer at Hyundai Motor Company, connecting physical and digital products to humanize technology, previously at Above, Hyper Island, and Innocean.
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  • UX Design
  • Workshop
  • Brand Strategy
  • Prototyping
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Year-end Workshop 2019

Jinbread Works

Conduct a workshop to reflect on this year and prepare next year with Hyper Island design workshop method.

  • #Workshop
  • #Facilitation

Jinbread Works Archive Web

Jinbread Works

Designing and developing archive website of Jinbread Works. Mostly built with Next.js and Framer motion API.

  • #Interaction Design
  • #Front-end Development
  • #React
  • #Framer

Design Spectrum Branding

Design Spectrum

Redefine the brand strategy, vision, tone of voice of Design Spectrum and rewrite manifesto copy.

  • #Branding
  • #Strategy
  • #Copywriting

Framer X Weekly Challenge

Framer Korea

Design and develop experimental interactions with Framer X and Motion API every week for practice.

  • #Interaction Design
  • #Framer
  • #Prototyping
  • #React

Framer Korea Meetup

Framer Korea

Organizing Framer Korea Meetup for January 2020 with Framer Korea Facebook Group.

  • #Branding
  • #Strategy
  • #Copywriting


2019.10Hongik UniversityMachine Learning Prototyping for designers
2019.11DuotoneDuotone Brand Strategy & Copywriting
2019.10Project HIUTHangul in Motion
2015Hyundai MotorsportHyundai WRC Real Play
2019.07Startup AllianceWhat's Next?
2019.07DellFuture of the experiences around PC
2018.12Jinbread WorksYear-end Workshop 2018
2018.12Scania3rd Party Application Concept
2019.06Sandvik CoromantDigital Factory Experience Center Concepting
2018.12ElectroluxHome Wellbeing Experience
2018.07BlueairAir Monitoring Product Design
2018.05BlueairAir Purifier UI Prototyping
2018.06BlueairAir Purifier Interaction Concept Prototyping
2016.12Hyundai Motor CompanyExplore VR Plant
2017.09Hyundai Motor CompanyChatty School Bus
2017.04Korea Association of School Violence VictimsCyber Bullying Vaccine App
2014.07Samsung ElectronicsBeyond All Smarts, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear
2017.12Egill ÓlafssonHOSEN GOSEN M/V
2017.10University College Stockholm / Hyper IslandUniversity College Stockholm Rebranding
2017.12Sherlocked / Hyper IslandCLO:CK:ED:IN, Escape Room Experience
2017.12Volvo Mobilty / Hyper IslandUser research on ownership to shared mobility
2017.11Sellpy / Hyper IslandSellpy Web UX Redesign