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Hyundai WRC Real Play


Develop a virtual reality experience helps to prove high-performance capabilities of Hyundai Motors


Brand Activation



In 2014, Hyundai Motors joined the World Rally Championship to prove their high-performance technology through the i20 WRC rally car. However, Hyundai was the last to join the race compared to other automobile companies.


Our goal was to develop a brand experience campaign and products, which helps to prove their high-performance capabilities to fans and competitors rapidly.

Brand Activation

First-ever Virtual Reality Campaign

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Our team created a low fidelity in-car VR experience prototype with Cardboard and presented it to the client. Since it was the first year Google released Cardboard to the public, this became the very beginning of the WRC Real Play campaign, the first-ever virtual reality campaign in the automobile industry.


We produced 360 videos which bring the viewer inside of the i20 WRC in the real rally track and give them an immersive ride experience. Then, we created a mobile application as a platform for these videos and launched it in iOS and Android. To give the user even more immersive experience, we created a 4D VR simulator and exhibited in the global motor shows, showrooms and rally site.


Mobile Application

Hyundai VR+

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Every WRC fan would dream of actually riding a rally car, but there are only a few opportunities, and the price is extremely high, it is almost impossible to try. How might we give them a chance to ride the WRC car using virtual reality?

Hyundai VR+ is a mobile application that provides a realistic glimpse of the WRC rallies in virtual reality. The user can experience driving the real rally course in i20 WRC in 360 with any VR Cardboard. 500k+ users downloaded the app and featured in Google Play.

VR Experience

4D VR Simulator


How can we make this virtual experience more realistic? How might we give our customers a chance to experience the i20 WRC in full motion such as speed, acceleration, vibration, jump, etc.?

We created a 4D VR Simulator by mapping the rally car's real motion data and the 360 video onto a 4D simulator and Oculus Rift. To make it even more immersive, we updated interactivity by adding a steering wheel and pedals so the user can ride the i20 WRC. 65k+ people experienced in 15 different countries.



  • 2018.07 - 2018.10
  • 2019.04 - 2019.06


  • VR UX Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Project Managing


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Keynote
  • Unity


  • Hyunjung Baek
  • Bomi Lim
  • Jinjae Lee
  • Hyedong Roh
  • Taeho Jeon
  • Jinhwan Go